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Thứ tư - 17/10/2018 09:44
At 9.30 on Saturday , September , 29th , 2018  , Class 10A5 of  Phu Tam High School  organized the "English Club" at the hallway of the school. More than thirty students and six teachers had taken part in the club. The content of the club concentrated on the title : “You and your family”  with various kinds such as, Quiz , games , English songs presented by teacher and students …. . A lot of prizes had been given and all the attendants enjoyed an exciting atmosphere. It had helped the participants enlarge their English knowledge , improve communicative skills in English as well as social behaving skills .
This is not only a place for exchanging and playing for students who love English, but also helping students understand the importance of English in the current integration period. Students can express their English language actively and confidently and they feel  interested in this subject.

With  the enthusiastic instruction of Ms. Trieu Truc Ha - an English teacher of class 10A5 and the efforts of the students in class, especially, the presence of the headmaster and all English teachers of the school helped the club succeed.
During the club, the students presented  very well in their English language skills. With the topic "YOU AND YOUR FAMILY", MC Tu Quyen and MC Truong Hung controlled  the program through three sections. The first part is the introduction, the students introduced themselves and their families, incorporating it into the performances by teachers and students. The second part is the game, the students took turns to play games such as "Quiz" and "Look at the pictures to guess the words ", the atmosphere was very exciting. And finally, the show ended with the song "If you're happy and you know it". And we listened to the principal’s speech about the purpose of studying English. Then everybody enjoyed the fruits and drinks friendly.
Here are some photos of the activities :

Everybody gather and sit around at the hallway of the school

MC Truong Hung is taking the pictures to ask other students

All students sing a song “ If you’re happy and you know it” to close the program

The principal of our school  talk about the purpose and the importance  of studying English in English friendly with the students

Teachers and students enjoy fruits and drinks friendly
The news is presented by Pham Truong Hung- student in class 10A5 of Phu Tam
high school

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